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Important Tips and Tricks to Remember to Crack PTE Exam | Revataa Education Pvt. Ltd.
Important Tips and Tricks to Remember to Crack PTE Exam

Important Tips and Tricks to Remember to Crack PTE Exam


The Pearson Education Test (PTE) assesses your proficiency in English knowledge and the capability of non-native English speaker. The exam consists of two parts- PTE Academic Exam and PTE General Exam. However, clearing the PTE exam is not as easy as you think. Preparing for the PTE exam on your own will not guarantee that you clear the exam. This is the reason why you need to take the help of PTE coaching and preparation centre. The coaching and preparation centres will help you clear the exam and score well so that you get admission into your dream college. In addition, you need to follow these tips and tricks to clear the exam.

Prepare and Follow a Strategy

The PTE academic exam mainly consists of four sections-Reading, Writing, Listening and Speaking. When you prepare for the exam, make sure you have a strategy in your mind, which you can follow during the exam. Make sure you give equal weightage and time to each section of the PTE test not only during your preparation stage but also when appearing for the test. Don’t make the mistake of concentrating one section and ignoring the other sections of the test. So, make sure you invest equal amount of time in each section.

Time Management is Necessary

Similar to any other exam, it is extremely important to manage your time during PTE test. You need to complete the entire exam within three hours, which is why you need to divide the time and keep a track of it so that you complete the test on time without missing out any section. Make sure you follow the time management strategy when preparing for the test so that it becomes easy for you follow the same strategy during the main exam.

Be Aware of your Weaknesses and Strengths

For successfully completing the exam on time, make sure you are aware of your strengths and weaknesses. So, for instance, if you are not very confident about the listening exam and don’t understand approximately 20% of the paper, don’t panic and complete the rest of the paper that you could understand. There is a plenty of material that you can use to answer the questions. When you prepare for the essay, or summarise the written test, make sure you demonstrate your writing talent and don’t force in words.

Check your Microphone

A lot of times students complain that their microphone didn’t work properly, which is the reason why they failed the exam. So, if you are in doubt that your microphone is not working properly, inform the invigilator immediately and ask them to change the microphone. You also need to know that it’s almost impossible to review your score during the PTE exam. This is the reason why make sure you make everything clear before the exam.

Last Few Words

With the right preparation and strategy, you can easily clear PTE exam. Taking the help of PTE coaching and preparation centre, following a strategy and taking mock tests, you can increase your chances of clearing the exams and fulfil your dream of moving abroad.

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