Study Abroad or Study in India

Each year thousands of students get into this dilemma whether to study in India or to go abroad for their higher studies. They discuss with their family members, consult with their seniors and teachers, speak to several career and admission consultants to determine their eligibility, budget availability, and future goal. The mindset of Indian families and students have changed a lot over the last decade. At the beginning, parents would encourage their kids to get into either medical or engineering field. And they would end up with having an MBBS or M.Tech degree. The most meritorious ones would like to go for Indian Administrative Service, which they still do. Then there was a slight change occurred among engineering graduates. Continue reading Study Abroad or Study in India

Indian Students at US Universities

According to the report from US Government, number of Indian students enrollment in US grew by almost 32% (from 113,649 in 2014 to 149,999 in 2015). Graduate studies remained preferred among these students. Most of these graduate students enrolled in STEM programs (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math). This group of Indian students so far the largest student group by any nationality focusing on STEM programs. US Universities relies on Asia for almost 80% of their International students enrollment. Continue reading Indian Students at US Universities