Study Abroad or Study in India

Study Abroad or Study in India

Each year thousands of students get into this dilemma whether to study in India or to go abroad for their higher studies. They discuss with their family members, consult with their seniors and teachers, speak to several career and admission consultants to determine their eligibility, budget availability, and future goal. The mindset of Indian families and students have changed a lot over the last decade. At the beginning, parents would encourage their kids to get into either medical or engineering field. And they would end up with having an MBBS or M.Tech degree. The most meritorious ones would like to go for Indian Administrative Service, which they still do. Then there was a slight change occurred among engineering graduates.

Instead of going for an M.Tech they decided to go for MBA degree, due to higher salary and better career prospect. It was only the beginning.

As soon as educational providers noticed this change, they come up with variety of options for students who wants to look beyond traditional MBBS or BEng degree. Many private colleges set up their operations charging hefty amount from students. Many students decided to go for these institutions as they wanted to have
different degree than others. Some institutions turned out to be good one as they have good infrastructure, provide quality education, have good faculty members, and excellent corporate tie up for their students placement. While others lacked these attributes, and students soon found that. They decided to look for alternatives.

First thing that came up in their mind is studying in USA, as it is considered the best place in the world to get a degree. However, a bachelor degree in any field would cost an Indian student on an average 80 Lakhs to 1 Crore. For many wealthy families this amount seems to be fine for a degree from a good US University, but for middle class or upper middle class family, the burden was too much to bear. They looked up other countries, where the cost would not be that much but still a hefty one. So they decided to go at master level as this options seems to be affordable one.

Studying in India
India is one of the fastest growing countries in the world. GDP is growing at a rate of 7% per Annum (2014) and unemployment rate is 4.9% (2015). The future looks bright as the new Government has taken many initiatives to bolster the economy including “Make in India” program. Apart from many large domestic companies, many MNCs have started their operations in India. Most of these companies prefer to hire graduates directly from good institutions. As a result many students, who did not get to these institutions, land up in some medium level organizations.

Studying Abroad
There are many reasons for which students go abroad. World ranked universities, quality education, good infrastructure, global exposure, strong alumni network, opportunity to earn more etc. are most of the reasons. A large chunk of students prefer to get into upper medium level universities. The good thing is that in many
cases, students, who got denied by some of the India’s Top Institutions got admit from some of the very good universities in the world. Multi National Companies prefer to candidates with global exposure.

In India, institutions like to admit students with high marks and good test score. In abroad, institutions look for candidates with good overall profile. So even if a student has not performed well in academics, might end up in some ranked universities due to his or her all-rounder performance. Studying abroad does not mean you
only build yourself professionally but personally too. You experience different culture, meet people from different backgrounds, taste different foods, visit new places. And it will change your view and perspective about life, people, and the world. You start to see things differently.

It’s completely up to the students what they want to be in their life and what kind of education they need to achieve that. If studying in India seems to be good option, then go for it. However, studying abroad might seem expensive at the beginning but the return on investment in future is quite high. If you would like to work in a global environment, wish to have a network all over the world, and dream to earn lot of money, then study abroad is the right career choice you can make.

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