Study Australia – High Satisfaction Rate among International Students

Study Australia – High Satisfaction Rate among International Students

According to a recent survey, which is released by Government of Australia, shows International students are very satisfied studying in Australia. Almost 88% of students studying at Bachelors and Masters level are said to be satisfied studying in Australia. Among the most important factors are world reputed institutions, quality of education, safety factors, good research opportunities tops the chart. At PhD level satisfaction level is also good due to factors like learning support, research topic selection, available technology, experienced faculty members etc. According to Monu Bhandari, Education Expert at Revataa Education International students choose Australian Universities because of their global reputation and the quality of education they offer.

When you take a look at the ranking table, you find at least 5-6 Australian universities in the Top 50. Majority of student population try to get into universities like University of Melbourne, University of Sydney, Australian National University etc. Due to their global reputation getting into these universities is tough but it’s possible.”

According to the survey, the support services that International students receive, when they arrive at Australian universities is also a major cause for high satisfaction rate among students. Student Support department helps them in opening a bank account, in their personal finance, in finding right student groups, in helping them to find right accommodation etc.

In terms of living in Australia, students are happy with Eco-friendly aspects and safe place to live but little unsatisfied with living expenses and part-time job opportunities.

Students are also said to be quite satisfied with the quality of services they receive from educational consultants, specially in finding the right university.

Although International students are satisfied Studying in Australia, there are some areas, where improvements can be done, such as: Part-time Jobs, where universities should find more options for International Students to find part-time jobs while studying. They can also look into the high accommodation cost part and see if anything can be done to offer International students cheaper housing.

As most of the International Students are already satisfied studying in Australia, the Australian Government as well as universities have huge opportunities to increase

the International students enrollment at even a greater level. They just need to make improvement in the some areas.

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