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Successful Ways to Improve your PTE Score in Written Exam | Revataa Education Pvt. Ltd.
Successful Ways to Improve your PTE Score in Written Exam

Successful Ways to Improve your PTE Score in Written Exam

PTE tests your efficiency in English language so that when you go abroad you don’t find it difficult to communicate when studying abroad. Not just speaking, but you also need to focus on your writing skills and make sure that you don’t make any grammatical mistakes. Preparing for PTE exams on your own is not only difficult but also reduces your chances of scoring well in the test. This is the reason why you need to enrol in the best PTE coaching centre in Delhi or any other place in India. So, in this blog, we discuss how enrolling in a PTE coaching centre an help you improve your PTE score in written exam.

PTE Written Discourse

Before we start with the tips, let’s understand the PTE written discourse. In the written discourse, you need to use your coherence skills with logical implications and convey the exact meaning of a sentence. Make sure you use proper grammar and punctuation, word linking and extensive use of vocabulary. Both the essay section and summary section need you to use these skills.

How to Improve PTE Written Discourse to Score Better?

Here are some of the important tips that you need to remember to score better during the exam.

Try and Understand the Topic

Avoid jumping into conclusion when appearing for the PTE written discourse. This is especially important when you are writing the essay. Spend your time understanding the exact meaning of the topic that has been mentioned, before you start writing the essay. Make sure you read the topic 2-3 times before you start writing the essay.

Relevancy of the topic is the first thing that you need to keep in mind when reading the question. Check whether you have understood the topic and question yourself. Ask yourself what is the topic about and the key points. Once you have your answer to all the questions, make sure you choose the correct pattern of writing the essay. Start with the introduction, make sure the body of the essay elaborates the topic and finally conclude the essay.

Sentence Structure

Make sure you focus on the sentence formation to score well in the exam. You also need to pay attention to the structure of the sentence and punctuation. Use simple sentences may not make the essay interesting. This is the reason why you need to use compound and complex sentences will add more juice to the topic. Always use formal words when writing the PTE exam. Make sure you use the right punctuation in the right place.

Analyse and Improve your Skills

The last step is to proofread the essay and check for areas where you can improve the essay. Check if the format of the essay is right and it conveys the exact meaning, the paragraphs are relevant with each other.  In case there is an error, develop the idea in a logical way.

Last Few Words

The only way to master your skills for PTE test is by taking the help of best PTE coaching and preparation centres in Delhi. The coaching centre will help you overcome your weak areas and score well in the exam to fulfil your dream of studying abroad.

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