Career Counseling

What is Career Counseling?

Career Counseling is a process that will help you to understand yourself and the world of employment and work. This will help you to take decisions regarding your career, education and your life in a broader perspective. You will feel equipped with all the information required to take lifelong decisions and give a direction to your own career and your life. The objective behind Career Counseling is not to assist you with the short term goals but to help or guide you with your ultimate goal and accomplishment in your life.

Who needs Career Counseling?

Since career counseling and career development is not a short term decision and it affect the whole life of an individual you can start taking career counseling at any age: High School Level, Graduates, Post-Graduates or alumni. The earlier you begin the better it is for your career development and growth.

How can we help?

The Career Counselor will help you
  • To explore yourself
    1. Who you are?
    2. Where you are standing today?
    3. Where you would like to reach in future?
    4. What you want out of your education?
    5. What you learn from your surroundings?
    6. What you want your life to be?
  • To identify your inner strengths and weaknesses
    1. Understand your likes and dislikes
    2. Polish your strengths further
    3. Reasons for weaknesses
    4. Ways to overcome the weaknesses
  • To gather all the resources to build your career
    1. Providing info with respect to available options after understanding your likes & dislikes
    2. Providing details with respect to the available opportunities with respect to your career
    3. Showing you the right path with respect to your education and career development
  • To find out the further steps for building a strong career and a plan to achieve the goal